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  • Oscar Marsland-Roberts

Cultivating Your Outdoor Space: Our Comprehensive Garden Aftercare Services Explained

At MRLandscapes we take great pride in creating stunning gardens and also ensuring they thrive long after our initial design and installation. Not to be confused with regular garden maintenance, our aftercare services are designed to provide meticulous attention to detail, nurturing your garden to perfection.


As a leading London landscape gardener and garden designer, we offer a range of bespoke services tailored to meet the unique needs of your outdoor space.

What Sets Us Apart

Typically offered exclusively to existing clients and property owners with landscaped gardens, you can expect our aftercare service to go way beyond regular garden maintenance. We focus on nurturing the intricate elements of your garden design, ensuring it continues to flourish for years to come. 


What to expect from our garden aftercare service:

Plant Care

We understand the importance of nurturing new plants to ensure they establish strong roots and thrive in their new environment. Our expert team provides personalised guidance on watering schedules, fertilisation, pruning and pest control, tailored to the specific needs of your garden.

Feature Adjustment

After completing your garden design, we'll carefully assess any new features we've incorporated, such as pathways, seating areas or water features. If adjustments are needed to enhance functionality or aesthetics, our team will make the necessary alterations with our usual precision and attention to detail.


Irrigation Systems

An efficient irrigation system is crucial for maintaining the health and vitality of your garden. If your garden design incorporates it, we'll ensure that any irrigation is properly maintained, including regular checks for leaks, blockages and adjustments to watering schedules based on seasonal variation.


Lawn Care

While we're not a regular gardening or garden maintenance company, we do understand the importance of a lush, healthy lawn as part of your overall garden design. Our aftercare service includes lawn care, such as mowing, fertilisation and weed control, as well as guidance to help you achieve the perfect lawn.

Seasonal Assessments

To keep your garden looking its best all year round, we conduct seasonal assessments to evaluate the overall health and condition of your outdoor space. This allows us to address any emerging issues promptly and make proactive recommendations for ongoing care and maintenance.


Clear Distinction

Do note that while we offer comprehensive garden aftercare services, we are not a garden maintenance company. So, unless it’s part of a larger design or build project, please do not ask us about services such as garden clearance, general garden cleaning or regular maintenance tasks like lawn mowing or hedge trimming. Our focus is on nurturing the design elements of your garden and ensuring its long-term success and beauty.


At MRLandscapes, our commitment to excellence extends way beyond your initial installation. With our bespoke garden aftercare service, you can trust that your urban oasis will continue to thrive and evolve, becoming a cherished outdoor sanctuary for many years to come.


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