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Garden Design

What We Do

At MRLandscapes, we consider it our mission to encourage you to spend more time in your garden, even if, like so many properties in London, space may be at a premium.

We specialise in transforming outdoor living spaces and have a profound passion for planting. All our garden designs are customised to complement your lifestyle.

We also offer garden lighting installations and tailor-made irrigation systems to suit any garden.
The Process
After receiving your initial enquiry we request garden images from you. We then arrange an initial 15 minute call to discuss your project. 
After this stage we will move to a full garden consultation followed by a conceptual drawing and a computer-generated 3D garden design. Once the final plan is approved, we can move forward with the garden proposal.


For exceptional garden design in London, contact MRLandscapes today.

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Our comprehensive two-hour garden consultation, encompasses a site survey, dimensions, and a detailed garden brief.

Throughout this session, we get to know you better. Our goal is to find our exactly what you want and what you like. We want to gain a in-depth understanding of your tastes so we can offer tailored advice to craft your ideal outdoor space.

The cost for this detailed consultation is £250 + VAT, giving you a personalized and insightful exploration of the options for your dream garden.


We offer a full design service that includes two design options.

2D Layout Plan with Mood Board Visuals and Key Feature Planting: Detailed 2D garden overview with essential elements, plant suggestions, and mood board visuals from £1050+VAT.

3D Rendered Model: Fully detailed 3D rendering integrating the above 2D layout and mood board features, allowing precise visualization from different viewpoints and the below planting plan from £1750+VAT.

We also offer a full detailed planting plan. This is a comprehensive location-specific planting plan covering all plant types with a detailed plant list for £350+VAT.

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